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Give A New "Leash" On Life

To Rescue Dogs & Military Heroes. 

EXIT for VETS has partnered with K9s for Warriors to provide service canines to military heroes suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma as a result of military service post-9/11.


Through our fundraising and awareness efforts, we will fund the training of service dogs for Veterans in need. Please consider contributing to this cause, your donation will change the life of a rescue dog and a deserving military Veteran.

Why Fund A Service Dog & Help A Veteran?

Hi, my name is Beth Oertel, the organizer of EXIT for Vets. I love dogs, and I love supporting our Veterans.

A few years ago I learned about an organization that trained service dogs for Veterans.  WOW!  That idea sure lit my heart on fire but at a cost of $27,000 for ONE dog I knew I couldn’t do it alone!

During one of my Goal Setting / Business Planning  meetings with my Broker at EXIT Real Estate Solutions, I shared my dream . He  immediately bought into my Dream and suggested we get our office and company involved. Thanks to a program inside EXIT Realty International called " The Spirit of EXIT" , we immediately presented this idea and were almost instantly granted approval for matching funds. Once we received the approval, this program was presented to our amazing group of agents, and we immediately had an army of volunteers who bought into this program. 


Fast forward and the pieces are falling into place! Partnering with K9’s for Warriors is a dream—they use rescue dogs so we get to save two lives, not just one!  Seeing the impact Bristol has had on Jason assures me that this is a priceless gift for someone who has fought so hard for our freedom.  And, having the support of my EXIT family behind this goal means the world!


I can think of no better way to thank a Veteran than to give them the gift of a “New Leash on Life”!


Beth Oertel 
EXIT for Vets organizer & Realtor

The cost to train and place a service dog is approximately $27,000. However, there is no cost to veterans to receive a service dog.

An estimated 20 veterans die by suicide daily.  In most cases, medication and talk therapy have proven to be insufficient in helping manage PTSD symptoms. Veterans coming into the K9s for Warriors program are on an average of 10-14 prescription medications. After training with their service dog, 92% reduce or eliminate medication use!





Jason and Bristol's Story

Jason Santiago is a retired Army veteran and owner of FitRev in Hendersonville, TN. This is what Jason had to say about Bristol's impact on him.

"Bristol and I have become best friends to the truest sense. He’s there for me 24/7. He gets me up every morning and our bond is inseparable. Bristol has essentially saved my life by teaching me to love again.  He helps me cope with issues everyday and I now realize I don’t have to go through life alone. I realized after Bristol that I don’t have to go through life alone. There are people who want to help and encourage veterans"


Jason Santiago & his service dog, Bristol.

Help Rescue A Dog & Change A Veteran's Life

How Does The Training Program Work?

Each month, a cohort of up to 12 veterans arrives at our headquarters for a three-week, in-house training program at no cost to them.  K9s For Warriors provides a trained service canine, housing, all meals, equipment, veterinary care, and 120 hours of training in a family-type atmosphere that provides essential peer-to-peer support. The service canine is already trained when it is paired with the veteran. The three-week training period is to teach the veteran how to use his/her new service dog, and to facilitate the bonding necessary for the two to be a successful team. The program includes public access testing, service canine equipment, seminars, veterinary care, meals, and housing.

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